Dig It Athletics

Dig It Athletics is the brainchild of Emily and John Cunningham.  The idea developed after John crashed on his road bike and suffered a serious amount of road rash.  After many weeks of watching the healing process, Emily decided John needed a t-shirt that said ‘Chicks Dig Road Rash’…because, of course, chicks do dig a man with war wounds.  And that’s how Dig It Tees came to life.

In 2011, we decided to change our name to Dig It Athletics which more adequately described our business.  With the growth of our business, we’ve had the opportunity to add additional people to our sales force and in 2014 expanded into the world of promotional items.

John and Emily have two beautiful children (10 and 8).  John is an avid runner and cyclist and Emily is passionate about playing tennis and the outdoors.  They live in the suburbs north of Atlanta.